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On a typical morning, I find myself conducting a few hours of research for my Perfect-Imperfectionz blog. I search hundreds of websites looking for interesting and educational tidbits of information to share with my readers, which may make our lives a little easier. So on a typical day, I easily have 100 tabs open on my computer. It dogs my system at times even though I’m getting in the habit of clearing tabs that I don’t get a chance to follow up on. But I could not believe my luck when I found this article on FossBytesToby: A Chrome Extension That Prevents Tab Overloads. Apparently, Toby allows you to manage all the tabs that are open on your browser, so you can categorize them and follow up on some ‘today’ versus ‘tomorrow’. Previously I used OneTab, which attempts to perform the same function as Toby, but in a less fancy way. So if you’re like me and could use a good Google Chrome extension to manage all your tabs, be sure to checkout Toby: A Chrome Extension That Prevents Tab Overloads.

– Marianna
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