Center for Story and SymbolIt seems to me that we just started the new year and we’re already entering the month of February! Well, if it’s any consolation to those of you who feel the weight of the passage of time (as I sometimes do), there are quite a few reasons to enjoy the aging process and look forward to the benefits that an older age affords us. I recently came across The Center for Story and Symbol (a unique center for the studies of the psychology of story-telling and its psycho-therapeutic application) and its truthful insight on aging. Their article, The Good News About Getting Older, helps ease the doubts we all carry with us about reaching old age. Although we may be at different stages in our lives, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to reach our golden years and enjoy the perks that come with that stage in life. I hope you enjoy the article and may it ease your mind a bit in knowing that what lies ahead can perhaps be more pleasurable than that which has already passed.

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