Since early this year, Twitter has been working hard to tackle account abuse by users who often post potentially offensive material. From curse words to hate speech to nude pictures, Twitter is delving into account censorship with the purpose of cleaning up the content promoted on its platform.

Twitter claims to be improving its website for users by keeping it clean for everyone, and notes that it runs enhancements like these special filters all the time. The problem with the latest scripts is that some accounts are being flagged without triggering the filter while others aren’t even aware that their accounts are being flagged as ‘sensitive’. (See Twitter Might Hide Your Profile from Others and Not Tell You)

The program searches for sensitive content based on pre-determined parameters that continuously run as scripts on its platform. If your account is triggered, it can get a 12-hour time-out period or a 12-hour suspension (if you’re issued a red flag).

Twitter is looking into correcting some of the minor problems that are occuring as a result of the new filter, but for the time being, users need to be aware that they’re content is being reviewed and possible censorship may result.

Very interesting, coming from a provider who is in the business of promoting free speech, no?! Fore more, visit Mashable’s Twitter is Now Marking Entire Profiles as ‘Sensitive’.)

– Marianna
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