Singapore, a beautiful metropolis city-state with a unique vision that balances the beauty of green living with the need for housing its highly-dense population,is known as the Garden City for a reason. With a total land size equivalent to half of metropolitan London and a population just over 5.5 million, it’s no wonder that their need to strike a balance between housing and nature is so important. And they’ve done a marvelous job at doing so.

Every newNational Geographic construction project is required to have green roofs, cascading vertical gardens, verdant walls, ample exercise and outdoor spaces; all to encourage greener and sustainable living. Perhaps one of the greater merits of Singapore is that everyone, from the richest to the most economically disadvantaged citizens, gets gets to enjoy green living. Public housing developments emphasize “community-centric towns and amenities such as ‘skyrise’ gardens and rooftop gyms.” With more than 90 percent of Singaporeans owning their own homes, it proudly has one of the highest home-ownership rates in the world.

Its model of livable density aims to create a fantastic quality of life despite having a highly-dense population. The proximity between shops, schools, transportation centers, and the outdoors is extremely convenient and enjoyed by all who live and visit there. Singapore’s innovation is showing no signs of stopping. With future developments incorporating freshwater reservoirs, a new project planned to connect all parks in the city-state through a network of transportation centers, and the creation of what they call Smart Work Centres–shared work spaces for employees from different companies–the work-life balance they’re striking is commendable and enviable. If only more countries adopted this vision, what a beautiful world we would find ourselves enjoying!

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– Marianna
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