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Throughout my personal posts, I try to give you, my audience, a different side of me each time: my analytical side, my emotional side, my more rational side. So in light of this, I want to warn you a bit. This particular piece I wrote is reflective of my more subdued side, as it was written with a heavier heart. I hope you like it.


If God whispered one thing in my ear, what would I want it to be? Well, let me preface this post by saying that I believe in God, in Jesus Christ, and in His promised Kingdom. But it isn’t easy to keep that faith with me. Too often do I get discouraged by the goings-on in the world. Too often am I saddened by the simple difficulties that life presents. I believe that I am more sensitive than I let on. Things obviously affect me deeply, and though I may never let you know it, deep inside I am breaking.

On those days that I am in despair and feeling down, I want Him to hold me in his arms and not say a word; simply allow me to cry it all out and heal. But today, I wish to hear His voice. I want to hear him and feel His presence. I want to take refuge in Him.

Sometimes I feel that the negative and more difficult memories we carry are more durable than the positive ones. Why? Because the pain (physical or emotional) that was associated with the bad memory is harder to forget. Perhaps it’s my mood today…

So based on my own life experience, what would I want God to whisper in my ear if I had the chance to make it happen?

“It will be okay.”

I want to hear God tell me that everything is going to be okay. Life, as painful and difficult as it is sometimes, is worth every experience we are given.

I want to know that when I get depressed, it isn’t something that defines me. When I hurt inside because I can’t find the peace within myself that I so desperately need, that it will be okay.

I want to know that as my parents age and become more frail, that it will be okay. Watching our parents age and deteriorate is a part of life. If we’re fortunate enough, we will watch them reach an older age. But I want to know that they will be okay.

I want to find comfort in knowing that my maternal worries over my children’s lives, safety, and well-being (while expected) is a natural part of life. But most importantly, I want to know that my girls will be okay. (God: Please watch over them and keep them safe. Please make it be okay.)

I want to hear God remind me that everything that happens in life, happens as He has willed it. That everything good and bad that occurs is not without cause. That in the end, He makes it okay.

I want to be reassured about death. When our soul leaves our bodies and enters Heaven, I want him to tell me that it will be okay. That our souls are not lost. That we are not left to roam or wander, but that He will be waiting for us and will make everything okay. I believe in this because of my Faith, but as a sinner, oftentimes my faith is not enough. I want to hear it.

So on the day that He whispers in my ear, I want to be reminded of this moment, I want to be overwhelmed with inner peace and be reassured that “It will be okay.” — I hope He doesn’t wait until I’m on my deathbed to do some whispering! ; )

If you are a person of faith, what would you want God to say to you? Is there a reason that you wish for that particular phrase?

My dear readers, may your days be merry and may your life be lived with purpose. Thank you for indulging me with your time!

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Attention fellas! If you really want to make headway in your relationship with that sexy woman in your life, listen up! It truly doesn’t take much to make a woman happy. Just some common sense and understanding. Here’s what women really look forward to–and desperately want–in a relationship:

(1) Phenomenal sex – I’m talking about the mind-blowing, toe-curling type of sex! Men: when you get ready to be intimate with your lady, please take your time. Start slowly, work that passion into every crevice you kiss and area you touch. Take your time loving her and making her feel loved. Cherish her body. It may not be perfect and heaven knows how much we struggle with our own self-image, but during this time, make her feel like she is the only woman in the world that will ever matter. Tend to all her needs and gauge her response so you can determine what she’s ready for next. You might be really surprised to see how responsive she becomes to reciprocating the love!  ; )

(2) Burning and Yearning – This is what I call it when I want my husband to get touchy-feely with me. You see, women want to be romanced and want the romance to be kept alive. Personally speaking, I love it when my husband (randomly, when I least expect it) walks by and gives me a squeeze; a pat on the rear; a kiss on the cheek; a nice, long hug; or a brief but deep kiss. When he cuddles with me on the couch, engages in small talk, or even sits with me in comfortable silence–the inner peace that he bring to me is something that I truly treasure. And when we’re running errands, he occasionally holds my hand or puts his arm around me. So guys: make the woman in your life feel cherished and keep that passion alive!

(3) Open doors – I admit it: I am old-fashioned. I truly, truly am old-fashioned when it comes to love. I like a man who is a gentleman and treats his lady as such, no matter how independent she claims to be. Chivalry should not be dead simply because there are feminists out there who see an act of kindness as a message of personal weakness. So gentlemen, open that car door for your lady, no matter if she becomes slightly impatient by it or if she revels in the sign of affection. Call it sexist of me and go ahead and take offense. But I’m being honest when I say that this matters. And it is a sure sign that a man was raised to cherish a woman and was raised well, too.

(4) Conversation – What can I say?! Women love to talk and nearly always have more to say that their significant other. But guys, hear me out. Ask your lady about her day. Ask her how she’s doing, what she’s feeling or going through. All that sentimental stuff that makes you cringe is truly not that bad when you put it into perspective. Women want to know that they matter. And what better way to show them than when you think of her emotional well-being (and not just the physical one). Also, engage in your feelings a bit and open up about your own dreams, desires, wishes, likes, and dislikes. That’s what it’s all about! Women are expressive creatures and have a greater need for more communication. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a weekly thing. But open, raw, heart-felt communication and conversation brings couples closer together and keeps you in sync.

(5) Help around the house – Okay. If you’re living with your significant other, then this part is very important. So many women complain about being taken for granted at home. From their man leaving his clothes laying around to letting dirty dishes pile up without pitching in. Guys, please do not take us for granted when at home and assume that we are responsible for the domestic responsibilities. I’m fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom (by choice), but I did not sign up to be someone else’s maid or mother. I will mother my children and pick up around the house to keep it tidy and neat–like I like to live–but I do not appreciate doing all the housework. I do not appreciate having to tell my husband that the trash needs to be taken out, that the air filters need to be changed, that the toilet is clogged. If I wanted to be a single parent or do everything myself, I wouldn’t have gotten married in the first place! So men, please pay attention to the housework and make the house your home too. Pitch in, take on more than your share of responsibilities every once in a while. Show her that her hard work is appreciated and that you do not take her for granted. You will reap the rewards of your efforts later at night! (I am not kidding. There’s something sexy about a man who owns his domesticated side and isn’t afraid to show it.)

These are pretty good insights on how women truly feel and think. I’ve gathered enough information from my girlfriends over the years and we all pretty much want these same things. Now, there are some very intuitive men out there who have most of this figured out. And then there are those who could use all the help they can get! So go ahead and get started. Don’t be afraid to work on your relationship with your significant other. Don’t take my word for it if you don’t believe me. Just test it out and see for yourself! (I’ve run plenty of social experiments myself to see what works well on my husband and what he responds most to, and boy have I learned a lot.) So have fun with it and let me know how it goes! ; )

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Ahh, to make the world a better place. One can only dream. What do we have too much of that we could honestly do without and make a much better world because of it? In my mind, those things are quite easy to conjure up. Here is my list of serious and not-so-serious things that the world would be better without:

1- Television – For all of its entertainment and informative intentions, I find television (overall) to be unnecessary and counter-productive to life. Again, it serves a great entertainment purpose and we are also a smaller world because of the information that passes through the tube, but imagine a life where we could find other means of entertainment without worrying about what’s being shown, who it’s offending, whether it’s credible or not, etc.. Imagine a world in which we had to actively seek entertainment again, interact with others, and bring our communities closer, instead of being holed up at home, watching the tube at night or on the weekends?

2- Video Games – Too many kids and adults (so it seems) spend countless of hours sitting on their rear-ends, playing games, instead of being outside and physically engaging in an activity. The world would be more interactive (albeit less interconnected) as a result, as we would be forced to get to know our neighbors again, and allow our kids to play on our front lawns.

3- Junk food – I’m talking about all the processed and artificial food that Americans stuff down their throats every day! Chips, sweets, candies, processed meats, etc.. Our waistlines would be smaller and our bodies so much healthier!

4- Two-income households – This is a no-brainer. No matter where you are in the world, families find themselves in the same situation: living on tight budgets and the difficulty of making ends meet. It should not have to be a survival requirement for families to have a dual-income household in order to live a decent life and provide for their loved ones. In a perfect world, a one-income household would suffice to keep the family fed and afloat. Any extra income would just be icing on the cake!

5- Daylight Savings Time – This might seem like a minor thing but why do we keep needing to adjust our internal clocks in order to conserve energy? Why can’t we just use up more energy in the winter months (ex. more light as the nights darken early and more heat as it is also quite cold in winter) and a little less during the long summer months (ex. less light as the sun stays out longer but perhaps still the same amount of energy to keep ourselves cool)?  It nearly-averages out anyway, no? And it makes a lot more sense to simply let our bodies be! ; )

6- Smoking – What an ugly vice! (In my opinion, anyways.) Not only is there no health benefit to smoking, but it also leaves a horrible smell on the person doing the smoking as well as a lingering one for those around them. (I’m not talking about medicinal marijuana, people!)

7- Cockroaches, spiders, and snakes – Yep! Definitely not needed.

8- Excesses – This is more of a concept than anything else. Do we really need twelve place settings? Twenty types of drinking ware, serving ware, etc.. A dozen or so pairs of shoes, a couple hundred articles of clothing? Whatever happened to just using what you need and nothing more? Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to wash so many dishes, put away so much laundry, or spring clean the home in order to de-clutter. So how about scaling down, Marianna? Well…perhaps I could scale down, but then I’d have nothing to complain about!

9- Rudeness – Here’s a nonsensical thing. Why is there a need to be rude to another person? If you are asked something, then answer it politely or briefly and move on. If you’re not in a good mood, then hey, it’s alright. Just don’t make the person next to you  have a bad day too. Your rudeness is your burden to carry and no one else’s. Rudeness for the sake of being rude or because you’re having a bad day is simply nonsense.

10- Crime – Why? Why oh why is there a need to harm another person, animal, or living being? Why is there a need to cause evil or be evil in the world? Crime of any magnitude is simply unnecessary and unsubstantiated. It simply shouldn’t be, and the world would definitely be a better place!

11- Mosquitoes – Those little suckers cause such a reaction on me and my girls that it’s no wonder we don’t have scars all over our bodies! I know plenty of people who have adverse reactions to them as well, and would gladly see these little bugger disappear.

12- Abuse – Animal abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, you name it, we do not need it. The world would be such a better place without this evil.

13- High heels – Sorry everybody! But if someone would have told me when I was growing up that I would have enjoyed walking around in shoes that kept me on my toes all day while squeezing my feet or toes together, I would have laughed in their face! Yet, here I am, a grown woman having to endure this concept every so often. The way I see it, it is an imposition to have to ‘hurt’ in order to look good. It just isn’t right! And I’m sure many women around the world would be thankful if heels had never existed. Pretty shoes, yes please! Slightly-heeled shoes, check! But high heels that squeeze your feet and keep them in unnatural positions just so you can look pretty, no thank you! I think women would be nicer to be around, if we didn’t have to be in pain when we walked. ; )

14- A 5-day Work Week – Unfortunately, a 5-day work week is the norm all over the world. And I don’t know very many people who are hired to work an 8-hour day who truly wind up working just 8-hours. Most everyone I know ends up working more than eight anyway. So why can’t there simply be a law that officially recognizes a 10-hour work day, 4-days a week, in exchange for a 3-day weekend? That way, we could actually enjoy our lives a bit more. A 3-day weekend would give us some much needed rest, reduce the stress in our lives, and allow us more personal and family time–the type of quality time that we are seriously lacking in this world!

15- Politics! – My goodness would the world be a better place if we didn’t have so much political division! If we didn’t have political parties to begin with, but instead had ‘committees’, the world would be a happier place. Let’s say that I really cared for animals, then I’d join the animal rights committee. If I really wanted to make a difference in a child’s life, I’d join the children’s educational committee or something similar. If I wanted to have a say in our country’s infrastructure, then I’d be inclined to join the transportation committee, and so on. There simply wouldn’t be this need to separate people into exclusively belonging to group “A” or group “B”, when in reality, many of us sit somewhere in between or have a couple of things that we might like from the other side. It may be a bit over-simplistic but you get the picture.

16- Illnesses – Like Cancer, mental disorders, M.S., A.L.S., and so on. I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone I know is affected by Cancer or some other incurable illness. I understand that we all have to die somehow, but wouldn’t it be great to just die of old age or in your sleep? To go to bed one night and have a marvelous dream and keep dreaming. The world would certainly be less depressing if our body would simply shut down when it has had enough.

17- Hemorrhoids – Seriously. I know this is too much information. People need to understand the good, bad, and ugly of what happens to women’s bodies when we give birth. Never in my life had I come across these little f’ers until I had my children. They are uncomfortable. They are painful. And they simply suck. Thank goodness they go away–and in my case, they never came back to visit. But boy, if women never see a hemorrhoid again, the world will be a better, happier place!

18- Hundreds of Foreign Languages – Now, don’t get me wrong. I love learning new things, languages especially. But wouldn’t it be easier if we all spoke the same language and didn’t have to worry about being understood whenever we visited another country? I’m all in favor of cultural diversity and maintaining your traditions, but it seem that picking up on local customs and traditions is so much easier to do than picking up a new language here and there. Just saying…

19- Telemarketers and Door-to-Door Salespersons – Yep. Those annoying people who call or visit you at random hours during the day–especially during dinner time–only to tell them, time and again, that you’re on Do Not Call lists, are not interested, or have a ‘No Solicitation’ policy in your neighborhood. I know that these folks have to make a living, too, but they need to get a serious job. Preferably one that doesn’t entail bothering other people in the comfort of their own homes!

20- Texting – I miss the days when we took the time to really be present in another person’s life. Nowadays, we can even be in the same room and not need to address each other or even look up from our smartphones, since the little text screen takes care of communicating for us. We’ve become an extremely impersonal society that avoids conversations and social intimacy at all costs.

So this is my dream of what our world could do without. I bet if all of a sudden I lost access to the television set or texting ability, I’d be complaining about not having it! But hopefully, by identifying some of the more minor inconveniences, we are encouraged to change our much-too-comfortable ways and really enjoy life a bit more.

What are some of the things that make your list? Please feel free to share them with us!

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur magazine wrote an article on what they recommend people do in order to become more productive. Now, in a nutshell, they recommend that we (1) cut out the phone and email first thing in the morning, (2) work in time blocks throughout the day, and (3) take advantage of breaks or break periods as well. While these might seem like obvious things to do, it would surprise you to know how few of us will be able to follow these simple recommendations. Take the first one, for example. How often, in the mornings, have you looked at your smartphone before even getting out of bed? How long does it take you to get your day started before the temptation of checking your phone for emails or text messages arises? For me, I know that that used to be the very first thing I did each morning and the very last thing I did at night, before closing my eyes. It took nearly six months to break myself from that habit, and I still catch myself struggling with the phone before going to bed at night. (I’ve always been a morning person, so getting up and getting going comes naturally to me. My cell phone will simply not be the reason why I start my day late!) Perhaps it’s easier for you to give up the email and phone urge first thing in the morning and late at night, than it was for me. Or perhaps you might have trouble with that suggestion but find it easier to implement the other recommendations. To read Entrepreneur’s article, visit 3 Simple But Proven Ways to Become More Productive. May the productivity force be with you!

– Marianna
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Attention coffee afficionados! As if you needed another reason to love Starbucks (or coffee for that matter), the company has recently reported that it’s offering two new specialty drinks “made from beans aged in whiskey barrels.” One of the new drinks is a “cold brew sweetened with vanilla syrup” and the other is a “hot con creme drink that is topped with cascara sugar and foam.” I don’t know about you but this mix sounds absolutely enticing! For a quick read-up, visit Fortune’s Starbucks is Now Offering Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee.

– Marianna
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In a move that’s sure to keep Microsoft in a bit of a daze, Google recently snagged up all of Microsoft’s Verizon Communications Inc.’s customers and moved them onto Google’s storage cloud and productivity applications (communication tools like Drive, Hangouts, Calenda, Docs, Forms, Slides, Sites, Contacts, and Groups, to name a few). Google’s efforts towards luring customers from larger cloud competitors is its focus for 2017, as it aims to take a bite out of Amazon and Microsoft’s market share and improve its position as the productivity and cloud-based leader in the industry. With a solid reputation for being the highest available cloud provider (without site crashes), large corporations such as Verizon are taking notice and are moving their digital business needs onto Google’s ‘transformational technology’. A technology that is surely offering Google customers a competitive advantage.

– Marianna
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Since early this year, Twitter has been working hard to tackle account abuse by users who often post potentially offensive material. From curse words to hate speech to nude pictures, Twitter is delving into account censorship with the purpose of cleaning up the content promoted on its platform.

Twitter claims to be improving its website for users by keeping it clean for everyone, and notes that it runs enhancements like these special filters all the time. The problem with the latest scripts is that some accounts are being flagged without triggering the filter while others aren’t even aware that their accounts are being flagged as ‘sensitive’. (See Twitter Might Hide Your Profile from Others and Not Tell You)

The program searches for sensitive content based on pre-determined parameters that continuously run as scripts on its platform. If your account is triggered, it can get a 12-hour time-out period or a 12-hour suspension (if you’re issued a red flag).

Twitter is looking into correcting some of the minor problems that are occuring as a result of the new filter, but for the time being, users need to be aware that they’re content is being reviewed and possible censorship may result.

Very interesting, coming from a provider who is in the business of promoting free speech, no?! Fore more, visit Mashable’s Twitter is Now Marking Entire Profiles as ‘Sensitive’.)

– Marianna
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What’s a common quality of people you dislike? Do you embody that trait in any way?

It seems that the older I get, the less tolerant I am of intolerant people. (Now isn’t that something?!) I find myself respecting–even though I may sternly disagree with–someone else’s point of view, though I may not like it. I may try to change it through dialogue and impassioned conversation, but when someone espouses being tolerant and they are anything but, or they become easily offended/disgusted by the opinions of others and then act on that ill-will…that is the type of person whom I want nothing to do with. That is the type of closed-minded, one-dimensional person that I dislike.

I know it’s not easy for someone to take a situation that they do not agree with or like, and accept it (or at least shrug it off without condemnation). There really isn’t much in life that you have to accept other than responsibility for your actions. And I wonder how much of that unflattering quality I am guilty of possessing. If anything, I know that I am very pragmatic, and because I am far from perfect, I ably recognize my less-than-appealing traits. So why not figure out whether or not (and to what extent) I embody the trait that I dislike so much?!

In this exercise of self-evaluation, I have chosen to identify three situations that may drive me to be like the people that I dislike: intolerant. The scenarios provide a low-, medium-, and high- level of intolerance, based on things that really irk me. Let’s take a look at the situations and my reasoning.

Proposition: Identify some circumstances that would bother/cause me to demonstrate intolerant behavior.

1- Parental Criticism – As a parent, I can be sensitive to having another person (or society) dictate the manner in which I should parent (or discipline) my children. I believe every parent is sensitive of this to a certain degree. But does that mean that I am intolerant? Let’s see.

In all fairness, no one has ever approached me with a parenting claim. But in today’s world, where parenting is something that everyone feels they’re an expert in, I can’t help but think of how open-minded I would be were I faced with a critique over disciplining my children. Knowing myself very well, I can guarantee you that I would take a parenting request or comment into serious consideration, because if it were brought to my attention, then it merits giving it some thought and time. The less-tolerant side of me, would (after careful analysis) probably not take kindly to someone meddling in my affairs. But I am not opposed to listening to what they have to say.

Does this make me closed-minded? Not at all. I may harbor slightly intolerant feelings towards someone else’s imposition (or what is perceived as being an imposition) of what (they feel) I should be doing, but I do not lack the emotional and mental maturity to at least consider the critique or advice being presented.

Does this make me one-dimensional? Absolutely not. Not all issues are black-or-white and I am capable of distinguishing between the different degrees/variations of discipline when it concerns my children. (I am a no-nonsense type of parent who ‘nips things in the bud’ quite quickly.)

Do I embody the type of person that I dislike? Not at all. How so? Because I am more than willing to accept help and advice from others, even when it’s not requested. I simply choose–after careful consideration–the manner in which to apply it, if at all. Intolerant, I am not.

2- Political Intolerance – Politics…that awful, divisive part of our society that we cannot get away from. So here’s the thing: when it comes to politics, people tend to dislike others’ opposing views. Now, I don’t know when our society became so intolerant of our political differences–or if it has always been this way–but I feel that everyone should (at the very least) tolerate and respect the person holding the opposing view. You don’t have to agree with it. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to stand there and discuss it. Simply allow them to speak their mind and move right along. Change the subject or leave the room.

I am intolerant of the (mis)behavior demonstrated by those who cannot tolerate differences. (Think looting, destroying personal property, or people who like to instigate/get a rise out of another with get-in-your-face behavior.) Is it too much to ask that there be a modicum of civility?

Does this position make me closed-minded? To a certain degree, yes, because I will not budge or make excuses for a person who is unwilling to accept political differences. Having differences is a part of life. Learn to tolerate it because there are more important things in life to be consumed by, than another’s political opinions.

Does this make me one-dimensional? Hardly. I may have tunnel-vision when it comes to not accepting the behavior or inapproachable attitude of someone who is offended by another’s politics, but I am hardly one-dimensional in my own ability to reason and be willing to reason with that person. (Sometimes it’s futile, and sometimes it’s worth a try.)

Do I embody the type of person that I dislike? Yes, to a degree. Just as I see that someone might be closed-minded because another believes differently than they, I am defiant (and closed-minded) in my unwillingness to accept people who do not respect differences and cannot be civil about it.

3- Intentional Harm – There are people in our world who cause others harm simply because they can. Whether it’s a stronger person preying on a weaker one, an adult inflicting pain (emotional or other) on a child, or a human being intentionally harming an animal. I am not a happy, tolerant person of these situations. I simply cannot and will not tolerate it. Intolerant, check!

Does this position make me closed-minded? Absolutely. In my mind, there is no leeway for evil. Evil for the sake of being evil is never to be tolerated.

Does this make me one-dimensional? Yes. I cannot even entertain a reason for hurting another being. Mental illness might be a medical explanation why someone may uncontrollably harm another, but it does not lessen the action, it does not excuse it, and it certainly does not make the inflicted horror go away. And not all acts of evil are due to mental-illness, either. So in the case of intentional harm, my tunnel-vision comes out: I see this situation as not having much need for reparations once the harm is done. (No matter the amount of amends made, nothing will take away the evil that was enacted, much less the memory of it.)

Do I embody the type of [intolerant] person that I dislike? In this scenario, a big YES. Why? Because the way I see it, where was the compassion for the victim when harm was being done? It is impossible for me to feel compassionate for an act that has intentionally caused harm, much less be tolerant of one.


So now that I provided three scenarios where I demonstrate that very quality that I dislike in others, where does this leave me? Do I truly embody the quality in a person that I do not like? Let’s see how I did.

First, I identified the quality/trait that I dislike in a person: intolerance. It is a bad word in my mind.

Second, I identified three scenarios where I embody that same trait that I dislike, to varying degrees. I realize that my dislike for the intolerant is subjective (to the situation) and relative (to opinion). It is not as clear-cut as I believed, for in one scenario I was slightly intolerant (but not closed-minded) to people meddling in parental affairs, and in another, I was completely intolerant of malicious behavior.

Third, my exercise proves that I share similarities with the intolerant, although I may be more rational about them.

Fourth, does it change my opinion of disliking the intolerant? Slightly. As seen in this exercise, even the intolerant deserve some degree of tolerance. (Not everything is black-or-white, Marianna.)

And last, do I embody the quality which I so dislike? Apparently I do. I, too, am intolerant of certain things and to certain degrees.

So where does this leave me? For starters, it leaves me a bit embarrassed. Embarrassed to have the same feelings of intolerance for certain things, that many people have about a lot of things. It leaves me understanding that I am human, that I recognize my faults, and that perhaps I shouldn’t dislike someone so much for being intolerant of another. (Subjective and relative.)

So what’s the best way to deal with the type of person whom I tend to dislike, especially if I share a degree of that trait? And what’s the best way to deal with myself for having a bit of that quality? Well, for starters, I need to be more tolerant of others’ intolerance. (Ha!) And I need to be more tolerant of my own intolerance, accept who/how I am, and not judge myself for it. If you followed my Managing Overwhelming Emotions series, you’ll understand that selfkindness and self-love can only help you manage overwhelming feelings (such as my intensity of intolerance) towards yourself or another. But I also need to be better and do better about my levels of intolerance.

If I wanted to get philosophical, I would analyze the actions an intolerant person, consider whether they are justifiable, and further contemplate whether it truly is a bad trait or quality to have or whether it is simply a form of self-expression. But to save ourselves that headache, I’ll simply say that intolerance is bad when it harms others or leads to harm, and not as bad, when it serves to protect.

In conclusion, there’s no better way to deal with people you dislike than to try to understand the reason why you dislike them, decide on whether to change your own bias, accept and apply your decision, and then move on. I know that I have a learned a lot about myself through this little exercise. It has taught me a pretty cool lesson in humility: if you happen to dislike a trait or quality in others, make sure that you are not guilty of possessing even a little bit of that trait yourself! And if you do, figure out whether you need to make a change. ; )

What did you think of this article? How did I do in analyzing myself?

Do you have a trait or quality that you dislike in people? And could you possibly embody that trait in any way?

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If you’ve been living under a rock–like me–you might have missed the news that Google purchased YouTube last year (2016) for a cool $1.65 billion. This allowed Google to get into the online video revolution that has taken the internet world by storm. It seems that everyone engages in video-sharing these days so why not take something great like YouTube and turn it into something fantastic? Well it didn’t take Google very long to create something amazing. The birth of YouTube TV (see YouTube’s TV Shows) is answering this call!

Currently, you can watch TV online as part of your cable provider’s paid service–AT&T/DirectTV, Comcast/Verizon, etc. But what if you don’t want to pay for television service and simply want to use online streaming to access videos on-demand and regular cable networks too?  This is where the online video revolution comes in. AT&T’s DirectTV Now offers such a service for over 100 channels, for $45 a month, relieving the consumer from having to pay a heavy price for regular cable access–assuming you’re ok with a limited access to your usual television networks. But Google’s YouTube TV is starting its offering at a cheaper price, $35 a month, with a smaller lineup than DirectTV Now (fewer than 100 channels), but it will include 40 providers (from networks like Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC), regional sports, and a few dozen cable channels. It hasn’t signed deals yet with premium networks like HBO, Showtime, and such, but it’s only a matter of time before everyone gets on board.

To sweeten the deal for consumers, Google will offer consumers unlimited cloud DVR and an “AI-powered search and recommendation system.” With a billion (yes, a billion) video clips being watched or uploaded on YouTube each day, it is no surprise that Google scooped up YouTube right away! Its vision of endless online streaming opportunities is definitely an exciting one. Soon we’ll all have access to every current television lineup that exists through our cable channels, but on an online platform. I know that I’m particularly excited about being able to stream all current television-channels online, for much cheaper price than what I currently pay with AT&T’s DirectTV. For more information on this exciting new service, visit How Google’s YouTube TV Will Compete with DirectTV Now.

– Marianna
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Watch out Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, there’s a slew of competition in the market that’ll soon be eating away at your profit margins! These three online giants may be enjoying membership revenue that grants consumers access to a heavy list of movies and television programs, but did you know that there are a handful of trustworthy sites out there that offer all of this for free?! Appy Geek is reporting on those online services that offer “totally free and totally legal” movies that you can watch online. From common ones like Hoopla and YouTube to less common ones like Tubi TV and Internet Archive, many of these sites support a multitude of platforms including game consoles and major streaming devices; some even offer accessibility for smart TVs. So “what’s the catch?” you might ask. The down sides are minimum: you may not have access to the latest Hollywood movies or television network shows, and you may have to endure sitting through commercials and advertising (afterall, they have to pay the bills somehow), but this is one situation in which you get more benefits than drawbacks. For a list of these online service providers, visit 6 Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free.

– Marianna
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MarketWatch - WSJ

Starting on March 3rd, every Chevy owner can get unlimited 4G data, including OnStar WiFi Hotspot, for a prepaid $20 a month. According to an Engadget article on the topic, “Chevy gets its data from AT&T, which rolled out its own unlimited plan last month, then tweaked it with free tethering and video streaming options…” The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch reported a 200% increase in data use between 2015 and 2016, as much data as the prior two years combined! So with this type of response and demand from its consumers, its no wonder that Chevy took notice. Yet they took this information a step further and became innovators in the industry for understanding their customers and offering something that most other manufacturers had yet to do. So far, Cadillac is the only other auto maker getting into the unlimited data market, with a similar program called Book by Cadillac. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of these auto makers experienced skyrocketing sales as a result, further encouraging others to follow suit! For more details, visit the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch article Chevy Now Offers Unlimited Data Plan for its Connected Cars.

– Marianna
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If you’re a technology, gaming, or space-age junkie, you’re gonna love NASA’s latest release of its 2017-2018 Software Catalog. Featuring a fluid simulation program, NASA propulsion codes, and tools used in designing the Space Launch System (among many other cool releases), there’s bound to be something of interest for everyone! What’s even better is that the public has free access to the latest software products for a variety of technical applications. It is NASA’s way of “supporting the innovation economy by granting access to tools used by today’s top aerospace professionals to entrepreneurs, small businesses, academia and industry” says Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) in Washington. “Access to these software codes has the potential generate tangible benefits that create American jobs, earn revenue and save lives.” For more information visit NASA Software‘s article or the direct link to everything NASA Software and enjoy your findings!

– Marianna
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Each year in March, schools across the country honor National Reading Day and encourage kids of all ages to pick up a book and read. Usually celebrated around March 2, Dr. Seuss’s birthday, schools engage children in fun activities and events that piques their mind and promotes curiosity for everything literature. Adults have been celebrating this movement for years as well, which has grown to a full-long month of reading, called National Reading Month. In honor of this movement, The Verge compiled the 23 Science-Fiction and Fantasy Novels to Read This Month. If you’re an avid reader and book lover like me, you’ll definitely want to check out quite a few of these titles!

– Marianna
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Welcome to the final installment of Managing Overwhelming Emotions. By now, you’ve joined me in learning about the many ways in which we can deal with distressing situations. We’ve spoken about acknowledging the situations that are causing the distress and then labeling the emotion that we’re feeling. We’ve looked at ways to distract ourselves from overwhelming emotions so as to allow ourselves the opportunity to disconnect the emotional from the physical, and thus, gain a better perspective of what is going on.

We understood how taking control of our emotions without judgement (radical acceptance) allows us to use a wise mind to make healthy decisions about our life. We looked at ways to solve the problems that cause us distress by approaching them in a non-confrontational manner which, in turn, allows us to more easily express our needs and wants. And finally, we reviewed the importance of having (and working on) interpersonal skills that can help us obtain what we really need and want, in a non-confrontational manner, through compromise and balance.

If this information and these skills aren’t used often (preferable daily), they’ll slip from your grasp. They’ll cease to be real choices, real ways that can help you, and instead, they’ll become vague ideas with no power in the end. Finding the motivation to keep doing something so challenging is what perseverance is all about. The easiest way to persevere with something is to simply practice it daily. Get in the habit of practicing these skills.

For the Dialetical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills we’ve covered over the past few weeks to not be forgotten, DBT recommends that you spend fifteen minutes a day (ideally at the same time each day) practicing each of the following:

1- Mindfulness – being in the present moment without criticizing yourself, your situation, or others.

2- Deep relaxation – seeking a deeply relaxed state of mind by taking a time-out, living in the present, calming the mind.

3- Self-observation – through thought diffusion; which means to mindfully observe your thoughts and feelings (distressing ones, for example) without getting stuck on them. Observing the sensations and feelings and learning to let go.

4- Affirmation – through preparation and encouragement of your subconscious, repeating self-affirming statements to remind yourself of the good qualities you possess; qualities that will give you strength and resilience when confronted with distressing situations.

5- Committed action – seeing the plan you wish to implement and making a commitment to yourself to stick with it. This is perhaps the most important practice of the five, for in order to make any real change in your life, you must commit to it (in some form).

Perseverance does not come easily and must be worked on. You must persevere at being in the present, radically accepting your feelings without judgement, relaxing the mind from the noise and emotions that consume you, observing the goings-on and letting go. Then, prepare yourself to accept the goodness that you already possess so that you can handle the situations that distress you. Lastly, see the change that you wish to be and make it happen for yourself. By learning dialetical behavior therapy skills and practices, you can create a happier and healthier tomorrow.

This concludes my interpretation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and the skills that I’ve learned and am still working on applying. It isn’t always easy to strike a balance between overwhelming emotions and reason, but I’m getting better at it every day. I hope to have helped you become aware of the tools and techniques that are available to help you take control of those situations that cause you distress and overburden you. Let’s remember that we are in control of our behavior and how we handle overwhelming situations is all up to us. May we never give up learning or trying, and may we always come out on top!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again on this journey to self-improvement.

A personal blog offering a dose of inspiration, motivation, and awesome book reviews!

Relationships are precious and they are vulnerable.  They bring love, companionship, and support. Yet sometimes, in a matter of moments, they can be broken beyond repair. Keeping your relationships healthy and alive requires interpersonal skills that can be learned from Dialetical Behavior Therapy.


We all know that relationships require attention. But do we really know what it means to pay attention? Paying attention means staying in the here and now–not thinking about what you want to say next or focusing on some memory. It means remaining present to what you see, hear, and sense emotionally. When you pay attention, you notice trouble coming before it overwhelms you, and gain time to ask clarifying questions that can help you correct misconceptions. Not paying attention–focusing away from the moment between you and others–can have a heavy price. You might end up missing cues about the other person’s needs and reactions, or worse, you might react negatively to something being said simply because it caught you by surprise (you didn’t see it coming).


Every relationship consists of two people trying to get what they need. Sometimes they need the same thing–companionship, recreation, calm, and quiet–and other times they need different things. Sometimes they both need something different at the very same time and are unwilling to compromise. For relationships to succeed, Dialetical Behavior Therapy tells us that you must know and say what you desire. You must notice or find out what the other person desires. You should negotiate and compromise so you can at least get some of what you want. And you must give what you can of what the other person wants as well. The trick is to find a balance. Paying attention to what each person desires and using assertiveness skills to negotiate conflicts is vital to maintaining healthy relationships.


Improving your interpersonal skills takes hard work. It is difficult to change yourself or your relationship patterns, but you know in the long run that if you work at it, you are bound to gain some amazing results.

Dialetical Behavior Therapy identifies six core interpersonal skills that can help you change how your relationship feels:

1- Knowing what you want. How do you know what you want in a relationship? The key is to pay attention and look for a way to describe what you’re feeling.

2- Asking for what you want. For starters, it is ok to want. You have a right to need things from others, a right to put yourself first sometimes, and a right to feel and express your emotions or your pain. You must put your needs into words that are clear, not attacking, and ask for specific behavioral change.

3- Negotiating conflicting wants. This skills assumes that each person’s needs are valid and understandable, and it draws on a willingness to compromise so that each person gets some of what he or she wants.

4- Getting information. This simply means finding out what the other person needs, fears, hopes for, and so on. The hardest part of obtaining information from the other person is not knowing how to ask or not knowing what to look for. Also, falsely assuming that you know what the other person wants or projecting your own fears, needs, and feelings on the other person, are counterproductive behaviors to obtaining the information that you need.

5- Saying no in a way that protects the relationship. If you say no in a powerless way, it just gets overwritten. If you say no in an aggressive manner it will alienate the person. However, if you say no  in an assertive manner that likewise validates the other person’s needs and desires while setting your firm boundaries, this protects the relationship and empowers both parties as they end up respecting the boundaries being set.

6- Acting according to your value. Acting in your relationships according to what you value is crucial in determining the nature of your relationships. Try setting positive intentions and values for each relationship and act in those relationships according to what you’re trying to achieve.

Practicing key interpersonal skills will help you be more effective in your dealings with people. It will improve your ability to get your needs met. It will help you negotiate conflicts without damaging a relationship. And it can strengthen your self-respect by giving you alternatives to old, damaging patterns of negative feelings and/or behaviors.


Relationships aren’t easy. But they are precious and worth preserving. Learning key interpersonal skills that can help you maintain a healthy relationship is absolutely worth the effort and hard work that must be put in, in order for the relationship to succeed.  Again, the most important thing to remember about key interpersonal skills is to keep working at them.  Persistence pays off. Shrug it off when things go wrong, figure out what happened, and then make a new plan. You have the ability to change your relationships and your life. All you have to do is keep trying!

Thank you for joining me in part five of this series. Please check back again for the last installment of the Managing Overwhelming Emotions series, where we put it all together.

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The Verge logoSleep deprivation, what an epidemic this has become! We all know how important it is to get our zzz’s. But it’s not enough to just get some sleep. We need restful sleep in order for our body to regenerate itself and heal from many ailments. The CDC has published numerous articles on how sleep deprivation affects your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and more. Chronic sleep deprivation, which is considered your constant inability to get restful sleep, can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, hypertension, and obesity. Aside from being unhealthy for you, sleep deprivation is also dangerous. Sleep insufficiency has been linked to motor vehicle accidents, on-the-job accidents, and medical errors. But what can we do to help ourselves overcome this problem?

How does our job influence our sleep? Well, the work that we do directly affects our sleep, this, according to the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The Verge published an article identifying the jobs that cause people the most sleep deprivation and those that cause the least. For starters, it’s no surprise that “airline pilots and religious workers tend to get the most sleep.” But jobs that require people to work at odd hours throws off the body’s internal clock, which leads to “less, poorer quality, sleep.” These include factory jobs, health care, food preparation, and emergency services jobs as well.

So how much sleep do we really need? The CDC reports that “school-age children need at least 10 hours of sleep daily, teens need 9-10 hours, and adults need 7-8 hours.” (See Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Problem.) What can we do to establish healthy sleeping habits? The CDC recommends four things:

1- Go to bed at the same time each night and rise at the same time each morning
2- Avoid large meals before bedtime
3- Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime
4- Avoid nicotine

With these tips in mind and a healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy eating and a solid exercise regimen, we can significantly improve our sleeping habits and have a better way of life. Easier said than done, right? Let’s give it a try, afterall, we only have our life to lose! For more information, visit Your Job Could Be Costing You Sleep.

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The time has come! Amazon, my favorite online retailer (hands-down), is carving its way into the food delivery scene! Although it’s just begun to offer restaurant delivery services in the DC area, I’m hopeful that it will do extremely well and soon enough, roll out a service across major cities in the country. Imagine a world where drivers from Amazon–a well-trusted brand–deliver deliciously prepared food to anxiously awaiting customers, without interruption, fail, or hassle. If their delivery services become as dependable and trusting as their online experience is, then their roll-outs across the country shouldn’t be too far away. One can only dream! Some of you may find this amusing but I can’t help it. I love everything Amazon and am a huge fan (and customer). From purchasing everything I can think of–to save me from having to head to a mall or store–to downloading all my ebooks, I now have something else to look forward to with this company. Can I get an ‘Amen’?! For more information, visit Amazon Prime Offering Restaurant Delivery in DC Area.

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From Euronews and FoneArena: While 4G networks are still being launched around the world, the next generation of mobile networks–the ‘5G’ or fifth generation–is all the rave in the telecommunications industry. 5G is expected to become available in 2020-2022 and is promising increased speeds in excess of 500Mbps (whereas 4G’s network speeds average 25-40Mbps). The potential benefits of 5G are vast for both businesses and consumers. Businesses will benefit from faster speeds that will allow for greater mobile working while consumers stand to benefit from faster download times on their devices. Aside from speed, another benefit to 5G is grFone Arena logeater capacity for data allowances from cell phone providers as there will no longer be such a strangle hold on capacity as currently exists with a 4G network. The 5G capacity is expected to be over 1,000 times greater than 4G, making data allowances nearly a thing of the past. There will also be reduced latency, or the amount of time required for data transfer to take place, thereby allowing consumers to enjoy a much shorter buffering period when streaming a video, opening a web page, video game, or other internet-based activity. 5G seems to offer many benefits to both businesses and consumers and is expected to connect an even greater amount to people to the world around us. For more on this article visit Euronews’s Our 5G Future – Fater, More Connected, But Still Years Away and 5G-What Is It? What Are the Benefits? When Will It Launch?

– Marianna
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The Hacker News

How often do you turn off the WiFi setting on your smartphone? Is your find open hotspot feature turned on all the time? The Hacker News put a notorious hacker at work, to demonstrate just how easy it is to steal people’s personal information. The hack goes like this: someone creates an EvilAP (or malicious access point) which serves as a hotspot for your phone. The access point is picked up by your smartphone–believing that it is an open network–and connects automatically to that hotspot. Once connected, the hacker can use one of a myriad of hacking programs to download your information, including passwords to your most visited sites, bank account information, credit card information, personal information (address, telephone number, social security number, etc.) and more. With this information on hand, who’s to say what it will be used for or how many people will have access to it?

How does someone protect themselves against this possibility? Well, for starters, you should understand that you really can’t protect yourself from every possible intrusion scenario, but you can make it harder for a hacker to steal your information. Among the things you can do is disable your ‘hotspot’ finder from your smartphone and further disable the WiFi service when you’re at home, the office, or when it’s not in use. When at work, it would be better to secure your network access by getting onto your job’s secure network, but keep in mind that even that network can be susceptible to a breach. Be sure to change your passwords often and make them lengthy to make it more difficult for someone to decipher. Another (and very important) suggestion is to stay away from ‘open networks’ such as the type you’d find at coffee shops, shopping malls, and the like. These open networks are invitations to have your information stolen as you’re already sharing the network with total strangers. So what’s to prevent a hacker from running a program that downloads your and others’ information?

In our interconnected society, it is very important to remain vigilant of the opportunities that exist to steal valuable information, and correspondingly, your identity. For a video showing the hacker at work and for more about this topic, visit Hacker Shows How Easy it is to Hack People While Walking Around in Public.

– Marianna
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Quick post: If you’re an avid user of Google Docs, great news! Google just rolled out its cool notes-type feature and made it part of Docs. So say you’re typing a document on its Word-equivalent application, you now have access to type notes while you work and integrate them into your document at a later time without losing your train of thought. Your notes can be individually saved on the sidebar while you work and later appended to the document through simple drag and drop functionality. To see how this feature works, visit Android Police‘s article Google Integrates Keep with Docs for Easy Access to Your Notes.

– Marianna
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Garlic, that deliciously smelly vegetable, has been around for several thousand years and is widely used as both a food flavoring and traditional medicine by people everywhere. Grown underground, it is very easy to grow and can be grown year-around. It is a hardy plant and is not easily susceptible to pests or diseases, making it easy to grow at home, if desired.

Among the most delicious uses of this herb includes an flavorful infusion for oils, dipping sauces, and for general cooking many typical cuisines from around the world. It is an extremely healthy vegetable to include as part of your diet and is rich is vitamins, minerals, and other healthy benefits: rich in vitamin B6, C, and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and others. Among other health benefits, garlic has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease, the chances of developing some forms of cancer, support the body’s detox processes, and serve as an antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial agent. Other, less knows uses include serving as an adhesive in mending glass and porcelain and as an insecticide to control the cabbage root fly and red mite in poultry!

For more information about this wonderfully delicious, and highly beneficial and versatile herb, visit How Nutrition’s Garlic: 7 Proven Health & Therapeutic Benefits.

Garlic. March, 2017. Wikipedia www.wikipedia.com.

Garlic. March, 2017. WebMd www.webmd.com.

Garlic. March, 2017. World’s Healthiest Foods www.whfoods.com.


– Marianna
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Singapore, a beautiful metropolis city-state with a unique vision that balances the beauty of green living with the need for housing its highly-dense population,is known as the Garden City for a reason. With a total land size equivalent to half of metropolitan London and a population just over 5.5 million, it’s no wonder that their need to strike a balance between housing and nature is so important. And they’ve done a marvelous job at doing so.

Every newNational Geographic construction project is required to have green roofs, cascading vertical gardens, verdant walls, ample exercise and outdoor spaces; all to encourage greener and sustainable living. Perhaps one of the greater merits of Singapore is that everyone, from the richest to the most economically disadvantaged citizens, gets gets to enjoy green living. Public housing developments emphasize “community-centric towns and amenities such as ‘skyrise’ gardens and rooftop gyms.” With more than 90 percent of Singaporeans owning their own homes, it proudly has one of the highest home-ownership rates in the world.

Its model of livable density aims to create a fantastic quality of life despite having a highly-dense population. The proximity between shops, schools, transportation centers, and the outdoors is extremely convenient and enjoyed by all who live and visit there. Singapore’s innovation is showing no signs of stopping. With future developments incorporating freshwater reservoirs, a new project planned to connect all parks in the city-state through a network of transportation centers, and the creation of what they call Smart Work Centres–shared work spaces for employees from different companies–the work-life balance they’re striking is commendable and enviable. If only more countries adopted this vision, what a beautiful world we would find ourselves enjoying!

For more about this wonderful city and some impressive pictures, visit How One of the World’s Densest Cities Has Gone Green.

– Marianna
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Smart plugs allow us to enable and disable power outlets remotely from any smartphone app, on a schedule, and even with Amazon’s Alexa. Wi-Fi smart plugs have been around for a while but they are getting smaller and better at covering up only a single outlet. Reviewed.com has published an article on how smart home technology has taken off over the past few years and how these smart plug devices are getting cheaper too. They put ten of the best smart plugs on the market today, through rigorous tests and came up with recommendations on which ones to use and stay away from.

If you’re into smart home technology or are just starting to get into it, you will definitely benefit from this list of reviews. Check out Reviewed.com’s The Best Smart Plugs of 2017 for more!

– Marianna
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PC Mag

I know that not everyone is a computer junky or software developer or hardware master. So I decided to find a post on something that can easily introduce one of the most frequently used technology terms today: cloud computing. So what is the cloud, really? What does it mean when we say cloud computing or cloud sharing? PC Magazine wrote a nice article in 2016 explaining these terms and how we have been using the cloud for a couple of decades now.

In short, the cloud itself is a storage area (at a remote location that is not our local device) in cyberspace where we place files, videos, and other information that we create, with the ability to access it from anywhere in the world. Google Drive, iCloud, and DropBox are some of the more popular cloud services used today.

Cloud computing is simply the global infrastructure side of things that allows companies to pool resources (servers and data centers) so we (the Internet users) can store files in one place and access them in another. This means that our laptops, smartphones, or other peripherals can work less like a standalone computer or device and instead, benefit from network access (WIFI, high-speed internet for example) which does the storing for you.

There are security and privacy concerns with relying on cloud technology for personal or business use. When you use the cloud, your files slide across the Internet wire and then live on a physical server–usually more than one since cloud computing pools resources–in some (or many) places. This means that your work is now in the hands of corporations who own the servers and data centers that allow this technology to work. Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox typically don’t charge for basic cloud storage. However, if you pay a membership fee to benefit from a corporation’s cloud computing power (say you need larger cloud storage capabilities), then your material is now in the hands of that corporation. And depending on that company’s terms of service, you may or may not own or control your data.

Let’s face it: the cloud is convenient. It has made life easier by allowing us to place material in cyberspace so we can access it from anywhere in the world. It is not without controversy and concerns. So the next time you upload something to Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, or any other cloud service provider, remember that your information is no longer yours. If you’re willing to give up that power, then welcome to the world of cloud computing!

For more information visit PC Magazine’s What is Cloud Computing?

– Marianna
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Everything seems to be moving in the right direction when it comes to the planning and preparation for autonomous vehicles in our society. In keeping with the latest technological advancements of self-driving cars, Wired is reporting the exciting new design of a passenger car that will take car ownership and ride-sharing to a new level.

Design firm Ideo has purposed an automotive design which “places the car at the center of a new marketplace” whereby owners of future autonomous vehicles will be able to choose between offering their vehicle for ride-sharing, car-sharing, or leave it for private use. Car manufacturers like Ford and Lincoln are taking notice and are working with Ideo on some creative designs.

Among the features being considered is a modal experience that allows car-riders to define a more personalized experience for themselves by choosing between a social mode (open experience) or private mode (which blocks out noise from other passengers). Concepts like these fill the future with possibilities of a unique and exciting future! For the full article visit A Fascinating Glimpse at How We’ll Carpool in 2017.

– Marianna
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A nutritious, well-balanced diet – along with physical activity and refraining from smoking – is the foundation of good health. Everyone knows that by now, right? And we also know that, depending on the latest diet you’re on (Paleo, Atkins, Keto, etc.) there’s always a list of foods to eat and not to eat. Well I don’t know about you, but I just want a list of foods that are good and healthy for you, irrespective of what each diet tells you to do differently.

For a no-frills list of the best and healthiest types of foods you should be eating in order to maintain the healthiest of lifestyles, Nutrition Plug has published a list of foods that are healthy no matter what diet you’re following and no matter what time of the year it is. For more information visit The Top 20 Healthiest Foods on the Planet.

USA Today

As if we needed more of a reason to eat right, exercise, and stay healthy, USA Today is now reporting about an alarming study conducted by the American Cancer Society, confirming the rising rate of colon and rectal cancers among Millenials and Generation Xers. There is no exact cause at the moment but “obesity, inactivity, and poor diets” are the prime suspects.

Screenings for colon and rectal cancer is reserved for adults 50 and older, and younger persons who have a family history of such cancers. Right now, there is no plan to recommend screening for those under 50 years of age. So what can you do? Well, the symptoms include bloody stools, cramps, unexplained weight loss and changes in bowel habits, among others.  About the only thing we can do to stay healthy is to live a healthier life. Eat right. Eat more balanced and less processed foods. Exercise daily–even if it’s 30 minutes a day. And I’m not ruling out drinking plenty of water and taking our vitamins too.

For more about this alarming report visit Colon and Rectal Cancers Surge Among Millenials and Generation X.

USA TODAY 022817-cancer-study


– Marianna
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