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How To Lose Weight Fast: 5 Evidence-Based Steps

Have you ever struggled with your weight or weight-loss plan? Do you lose the motivation to stick with a diet if you don’t see the results quickly? You are not alone, I promise! Helen Sanders at Health Ambition published an article that speaks to everyone’s struggles with achieving successful weight-loss, and proposes a 5-step process that will let us see results soon, without starvation (say what?!), while keeping us motivated too.

We all know that quick-fix diets don’t work, but we can surely gain momentum to stick with a diet and exercise plan if we received an initial weight-loss boost that we could see and feel. So what do we do in order to drop some quick ‘lbs’ and prepare our body and metabolism for more weight loss?

Weight Loss - Measure 1

How to Lose Weight Fast: 5 Evidence Based Steps Anyone Can Follow recommends making a few changes to your diet and integrating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) along with strength training, to ensure successful and fast weight loss. The HIIT concept has been around for a while now and promotes performing cycles of a high-intensity exercise, followed by a short period of rest, and a repeat of the high-intensity exercise. The training continues until you’ve completed a handful of exercises in the day’s routine. According to Sanders, “HIIT workouts push your body to its limits in a shorter period of time. This means you achieve better results faster.” That, coupled with strength training (which allows you to burn more fat and build lean muscle) will keep you burning calories long after you’ve completed your workout.

The best part of the 5-step process? These weight loss and dietary strategies have been tested and are proven to work! So let’s give this a try. What do we have to lose other than a little bit of ourselves? (Ha!)

Be sure to come back and let me know how the weight-loss boost worked for you!

– Marianna

(About the source: Health Ambition is a wonderful, informational blog focused on providing honest, sound advice about healthy eating habits and an overall healthy lifestyle.)