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From Euronews and FoneArena: While 4G networks are still being launched around the world, the next generation of mobile networks–the ‘5G’ or fifth generation–is all the rave in the telecommunications industry. 5G is expected to become available in 2020-2022 and is promising increased speeds in excess of 500Mbps (whereas 4G’s network speeds average 25-40Mbps). The potential benefits of 5G are vast for both businesses and consumers. Businesses will benefit from faster speeds that will allow for greater mobile working while consumers stand to benefit from faster download times on their devices. Aside from speed, another benefit to 5G is grFone Arena logeater capacity for data allowances from cell phone providers as there will no longer be such a strangle hold on capacity as currently exists with a 4G network. The 5G capacity is expected to be over 1,000 times greater than 4G, making data allowances nearly a thing of the past. There will also be reduced latency, or the amount of time required for data transfer to take place, thereby allowing consumers to enjoy a much shorter buffering period when streaming a video, opening a web page, video game, or other internet-based activity. 5G seems to offer many benefits to both businesses and consumers and is expected to connect an even greater amount to people to the world around us. For more on this article visit Euronews’s Our 5G Future – Fater, More Connected, But Still Years Away and 5G-What Is It? What Are the Benefits? When Will It Launch?

– Marianna
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