A Fantastic And Captivating Read!

ResurrectiResurrection America by Jeff Gunhuson, Colorado, is a charming small town where everyone knows each other and their goings-on, yet the new life coming out of long-closed Resurrection Mine has sheriff Rick Johnson on high alert. In search of his missing deputy, the sheriff visits the mine and comes across an extremely elaborate security system which seemed to have been erected overnight. Adding to the sheriff’s unease is the less-than-friendly greeting he receives by the man in charge: a former-military operator whose threatening demeanor says it all—the town is in trouble and there’s no way to stop what’s coming.

Resurrection America is an amazing thriller mixed with science-fiction—exactly the type of genre that I love to read! Author Jeff Gunhus, with his exceptionally captivating writing style, takes the reader through unexpected surprises and envelopes them in a thrilling read. The citizens of Resurrection don’t stand a chance against the powerful military-like forces that take them hostage, and the reader will be astonished by the devastating activity that goes on, until the very end.

Thank you, Jeff, for my Advanced Reader Copy and for a wonderful, thrilling read!

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