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I’m often curious about the whole prepping world. I’m more like a category before a true prepper–the type who prepares right before an informed emergency. But since I’m into ‘end of days/apocalypse’ type of novels, an interest in emergency preparedness is not a big surprise. My readiness, however, could use some work. So when I came across these 39 Fantastic Prepping Tips, I knew I had to share it with you. The article is very informative and offers some good tips that don’t take any time to do. If you have just a few minutes of time, go ahead and read this article and absorb some basic information that can go a long way to ensuring your survival in even the most basic of emergencies. And who knows, if I get positive feedback from you, I might just start a prepping series on this blog! (I know I could sure use all the help I could get in that department.) Happy reading!

– Marianna
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