If you’re a technology, gaming, or space-age junkie, you’re gonna love NASA’s latest release of its 2017-2018 Software Catalog. Featuring a fluid simulation program, NASA propulsion codes, and tools used in designing the Space Launch System (among many other cool releases), there’s bound to be something of interest for everyone! What’s even better is that the public has free access to the latest software products for a variety of technical applications. It is NASA’s way of “supporting the innovation economy by granting access to tools used by today’s top aerospace professionals to entrepreneurs, small businesses, academia and industry” says Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) in Washington. “Access to these software codes has the potential generate tangible benefits that create American jobs, earn revenue and save lives.” For more information visit NASA Software‘s article or the direct link to everything NASA Software and enjoy your findings!

– Marianna
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