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Starting on March 3rd, every Chevy owner can get unlimited 4G data, including OnStar WiFi Hotspot, for a prepaid $20 a month. According to an Engadget article on the topic, “Chevy gets its data from AT&T, which rolled out its own unlimited plan last month, then tweaked it with free tethering and video streaming options…” The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch reported a 200% increase in data use between 2015 and 2016, as much data as the prior two years combined! So with this type of response and demand from its consumers, its no wonder that Chevy took notice. Yet they took this information a step further and became innovators in the industry for understanding their customers and offering something that most other manufacturers had yet to do. So far, Cadillac is the only other auto maker getting into the unlimited data market, with a similar program called Book by Cadillac. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of these auto makers experienced skyrocketing sales as a result, further encouraging others to follow suit! For more details, visit the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch article Chevy Now Offers Unlimited Data Plan for its Connected Cars.

– Marianna
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