Everything seems to be moving in the right direction when it comes to the planning and preparation for autonomous vehicles in our society. In keeping with the latest technological advancements of self-driving cars, Wired is reporting the exciting new design of a passenger car that will take car ownership and ride-sharing to a new level.

Design firm Ideo has purposed an automotive design which “places the car at the center of a new marketplace” whereby owners of future autonomous vehicles will be able to choose between offering their vehicle for ride-sharing, car-sharing, or leave it for private use. Car manufacturers like Ford and Lincoln are taking notice and are working with Ideo on some creative designs.

Among the features being considered is a modal experience that allows car-riders to define a more personalized experience for themselves by choosing between a social mode (open experience) or private mode (which blocks out noise from other passengers). Concepts like these fill the future with possibilities of a unique and exciting future! For the full article visit A Fascinating Glimpse at How We’ll Carpool in 2017.

– Marianna
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