Information AgeIf you’re not yet convinced that our communications are hardly secure anymore in our highly interconnected world, then this article might drive it home for you. Did you know that Facebook keeps a record of every single post you’ve submitted from the first day you opened your account? It is available to you, the account owner, but with a legal subpoena, I’m sure that that information can be readily available to others. The same thing goes for telephone conversations. Your telephone carrier (especially cell phone) keeps a log of your incoming and outgoing calls, duration, etc., without necessarily having the content of your conversation. With this basic information, basic intelligence can be pieced together to form a timeline of your activities. What can you do to protect or secure your privacy? Well, for starters, you can be more aware of how your communications behavior makes you vulnerable to access by others. This article by Information Age magazine may be short, but it offers links to other communication insights that might shine a light on other considerations. For more, see Your Calls May Be Secure, But Are They Private?

– Marianna
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