Your Tech ExplainedYour Tech Explained recently reported that for all orders $35 and under, Amazon will now ship your order for free! Apparently, the online retail giant is being given a run for its money by Wal-Mart and other major competitors who are offering free shipping on a certain minimum purchase threshold that was much lower than Amazon’s previous ‘$49 minimum’ order requirement. Wal-Mart changed its limit to $35 per order and Amazon followed suit. This is a welcome change for Amazon customers as they will no longer have to incur an extra $14 in purchases, in order to qualify for free shipping. For Amazon Prime customers, however, it won’t be much of a change as members already receive free 2-day shipping on all orders as part of their Prime Membership (at a cost of $99 annually for an unlimited number of orders.) No word yet on whether this has taken effect, but ya gotta love free-market competition!

– Marianna
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